Sebulba's Legacy


Sebulba’s Legacy is a course designed by the great podracer himself, Sebulba. It is a three lap race starting in a clearing in one of the many forests of Malastare but goes over a methane lake, through a desert, and back through the forest.

It is normally the second race in the Galactic Podracing Tournament. This year is it also the last and serves to crown the champion as podracing will cease to exist after this race. (The first race is Executioner on Oovo IV).

Racer Handicap

  • Sebulba (2:1)
  • Mawhonic (5:1)
  • Clegg Holdfast (10:1)
  • Gasgano (10:1)
  • Boles Roor (25:1)
  • Aldar Beedo (50:1)
  • Wan Sandage (50:1)
  • Elan Mak (200:1)
  • Ben Quadinaros (200:1)

Transcript of the race:

The race begins and all contestants are off to a fast start.

Boles Roor gets off the line but ooooh, looks like he’s suffering from a bit of engine trouble. His podracer completely falls apart. What a way to end one’s podracing careers.

The racers head through the desert. I hope they’re hydrated because its a scorcher out there today. There is the usual back and forth between the racers. Sebulba maintains an early lead but Mawhonic is close behind. Sebulba is trying his usual tricks but Mawhonic is staying close with him. Meanwhile, several leagues back there is a fierce battle going between Gasgano and Clegg Holdfast. Neither want to give up an inch of room but by battling back and forth, they are falling farther and farther behind.

As they head over the methane lake, Wan Sandage’s engine starts to smoke and ooooh, straight to the bottom.

They’re heading through the forest now back to the starting line and the track staff has cleared Boles Roor’s pod from the track.

Sebulba and Mawhonic are continuing to battle back and forth. Mawhonic takes the lead but only for an instant as Sebulba passes him right back.

Meanwhile Aldar Beedo takes a hard turn straight into a tree. He’s not getting up from that one.

There is a loud cheer from the crowd as the racers fly past.

Gasgano and Clegg Holdfast continue to battle as the racers head back to the desert. Gasgano finally manages to pull away from Clegg Holdfast but pulls away right into a sand dune as sand flies everywhere. Gasgano’s engine stalls from the sand. He tries to restart the engine, but the engine is flooded with sand. Gasgano throws up his hands, clearly frustrated.

As the racers cross the lake, Clegg Holdfast catches up to Elan Mak and makes a move to pass him but Elan Mak pulls in front of him at every turn, blocking his path. Meanwhile, Ben Quadinaros is closing in on Sebulba and Mawhonic.

They’re heading back into the forest now as Elan Mak looks behind him to see where Clegg Holdfast is going to go next. Maybe he should have been looking at the tree that just went through his engine.

As the racers begin the final lap of podracing ever, the crowd roars with delight.

Heading into the desert now, Sebulba is starting to pull away from Mawhonic. Ben Quadinaros takes the opportunity to pass Mawhonic. Meanwhile, Clegg Holdfast is catching up to the pack.

As they cross the methane lake, Ben Quadinaros grabs something from underneath the dash, looks like a metal pole of sorts and tosses it behind him. It lands right in the engine compartment of Mawhonic, sending his pod to join Wan Sandage’s at the bottom of the lake.

Heading into the forest, Ben Quadinaros, Sebulba, and Clegg Holdfast are locked in a tight battle. Sebulba manages to free himself from Ben Quadinaros, sending him straight into a tree. Sebulba and Clegg Holdfast are neck and neck heading to the finish line. As they cross the finish line, it is Sebulba by a foot!

Sebulba's Legacy

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