Bando Gora

The Bando Gora originally was a cult that operated around 32 BBY. A group of Jedi were sent to dispatch the Bando Gora, but they were defeated by the Bando Gora. One Jedi, Komari Vosa, was captured. She eventually broke free of her captors and rose to lead the cult as High Priestess.

The Bando Gora used a highly potent death stick strain to brainwash its followers.

Eventually, then Supreme Chancellor Palpatine dispatched Count Dooku to dispose of the cult. Count Dooku hired the bounty hunter Jango Fett to track down and eliminate Komari Vosa. Jango Fett defeated the Dark Jedi but spared her life. However, Count Dooku was present and force choked her to death.

Count Dooku then revealed that he knew all along how to find Komari Vosa and that this was a test for Jango. Because he was able to best the Dark Jedi in combat, Count Dooku offered Jango the chance to be the model for the clone army that he was to begin building.

Bando Gora

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