Dark Times

Episode V: Friends in Low Places

Shaak-Ti revealed that she has had no word from her team on Coruscant and fears the worst. She suggested the PCs recruit a smuggler that can smuggle them onto Coruscant.

Kyle Merritt worked with Baniss Keeg to devise a plan that did not involve smugglers. They spoke at length and devised a plan involving intergalactic space peas but Shaak-Ti was quick to point out that Keegan Thorian was registered as “missing” and would not pass any Imperial inspection.

After more debate, the group concluded that recruiting a smuggler may be the only way to go. They travelled to Corellia, a known haven for smugglers. Despite that, there is a large Imperial presence on the planet.

The PCs first travel to a section of Corellia known as the Blue Sector. The Blue Sector is a rough section of town with many cantinas, tattoo parlors, casinos, and fences. They enter a cantina called Two Bits and speak with the bartender, Sel Drayk.

After bribing him, the PCs learn that there are two smugglers here that may be able to help. The PCs first strike up a conversation with Rok Mennu. He talks about how he smuggled an entire family off Malastair one time. Baniss Keeg asked where he smuggled them to but Rok Mennu didn’t really have an answer. He was also unable to answer why the family needed to be smuggled offworld in the first place leading the PCs to believe that he wasn’t really that great of a smuggler.

Next, the PCs chatted with Ballo Greenit. He too boasted of being the best smuggler on the planet. When GREG asked of his exploits, he mentioned that he once smuggled ship parts off Raxus Prime. When prodded about how many, he said somewhere between 4 and 10. He mentioned that the PCs would need to talk to some really crazy smugglers and that they hangout at a cantina called Mynock’s Haven in Treasure Ship Row.

Baniss Keeg bribes both smugglers to forget they were in there.

The PCs make their way to Treasure Ship Row and it makes the Blue Sector look like Cato Neimoidia. They pass an apartment complex called the Mynock Arms and enter Mynock’s Tavern where they approach the bartender, Mynock. He is skeptical of the PCs and suspects them to be Imperial agents, particularly Kyle Merritt. After Kyle Merritt points out that Imperials wouldn’t travel with this many aliens, Mynock allows the PCs to bribe him to point out the best smugglers in the joint.

Keegan Thorian and GREG are eager to approach Reenak Gursh as he is a fellow Ithorian. However, Reenak Gursh is very inebriated at this point and cannot carry on a conversation. He does manage to discuss a water slide park on Coruscant and is under the impression the PCs want to take him there.

The group next approaches Weeba Gosha. He inquires about the job and says that he can make it happen but that he needs four weeks to set up. Because the PCs need to be on Coruscant ASAP, the group declines.

The lastly approach Braaaaan. He is very interested in the position and appears to take detailed notes about the assignment. However, GREG notices that in fact he is texting with the Imperials and attempting to sell the PCs out.

Once this information is made known, GREG uses Move Object to throw the datapad across the room and a skirmish breaks out. GREG then uses Force Grip to render Braaaaan useless. Keegan Thorian uses Force Slam against a pair of armed Rodians. At this point, the rest of the bar empties as the patrons step over each other, eager to turn in the Jedi for the reward.

Seeing no reason to maintain his cover, Kyle Merritt pulls out his lightsaber and quickly dispatches the Gamorrean thugs. Baniss Keeg pulls a gun on Braaaaan and convinces him to surrender.

However, Jorj Car’das walks in and shoots Braaaaan dead. He instructs the PCs to meet him at his warehouse.

The PCs leave through a backdoor and are pursued by a group of stormtroopers. Kyle Merritt disappears in the crowd while Keegan Thorian throws his voice down a different alley to lead the stormtroopers down the wrong path. GREG pretends to be drunk and talks about water slides and Baniss Keeg blends in with the crowd.

The PCs arrive at Jorj Car’das‘s warehouse and after a brief conversation with the guards, are ushered inside. Jorj Car’das asks the PCs about what the need on Coruscant and reveals that he has no love for the Empire but going to Coruscant is very risky. Baniss Keeg convinces him to help but Jorj Car’das insists on being paid one million credits. After it is revealed that the PCs do not have that much coin, Kyle Merritt asks if there is anything the PCs can do in lieu of payment.

Jorj Car’das mentions that there is a mole in his organization and if the PCs can identify the mole, he will take them to Coruscant. He has narrowed the mole down to four suspects:

  • Wik Nitham, suspicious because he’s been caught a few times looking at shipment information
  • Dala Manci, suspicious because she’s missed a few shipments lately, several of which were hijacked
  • Jabrue Pik, suspicious because he’s been spotted talking with members of rival smuggling groups
  • Manala Forusha, suspicious because she’s been very jittery and nervous around her colleagues

Kyle Merritt and Baniss Keeg hatch a plan to announce that the organization will be smuggling the wanted Jedi offworld and send different locations to each of the suspects and observe which is hit.

The shipment that Dala Manci was given access to was stolen. However, when she opened the shipment, all she found was peas. The PCs followed her to her warehouse and snuck in the back entrance, surprising Dala Manci and her crew.

The PCs took advantage to fire off a few shots on the droids and Dala Manci. However, she and her Rodian bodyguards quickly laid down some autofire dispatching GREG and severely wounding Keegan Thorian. Baniss Keeg tends to GREG’s wounds while Kyle Merritt dispatches one of the droids and moves to the other Rodian bodyguard.

Having been revived, GREG Force Gripped Dala Manci while Keegan Thorian Force Gripped the other Rodian bodyguard. From there, they easily dispatch Dala Manci and her crew and opt to take her back to Jorj Car’das who agrees to smuggle the PCs to Coruscant.

Episode IV: Return to the Past

After having trained for several months on Felucia with Shaak-Ti, Kyle Merritt, Keegan Thorian, and Sean were summoned by the Jedi Master for their first mission under her tutelage.

She explained that the Jedi kept extensive records and that the Empire has been using those records to track which Jedi are alive and which are not. She gives the PCs a list of names that need to be marked as dead for their protection. While she wishes she could just corrupt the database, she does not want the Empire to know the records have been tampered with.

Baniss Keeg and XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 are summoned to assist the Jedi in training. Jalek Cal’Don was also summoned but was too hungover to help out.

Shaak-Ti instructs the PCs to travel to Ossus and modify the database housed at the Great Jedi Library.

The PCs arrive on Ossus and land in a clearing roughly 10 kilometers away from the Great Jedi Library. As they trek through the woods, several packs of wolves catch their scent and take up chase. Kyle Merritt used his Surge ability to outrun while Sean bounced from tree top to tree top.

They came to a ravine which Kyle Merritt and Sean easily jumped across. Keegan Thorian used his Force powers to move Baniss Keeg across.

After running some distance, the PCs began to tire out but XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 had a can of spare oil to lubricate his parts.

At last, the PCs arrived at a cliff. Again, Kyle Merritt and Sean had no trouble climbing up. Once on top, they used a rope to assist the others.

The PCs leave the forest and are prepared to enter the Great Jedi Library when they are suddenly ambushed by a group of Ysanna. The Ysanna immediately attack the PCs rendering Baniss Keeg unconscious with a mighty Force Slam. The others use other Force Powers to attempt to subdue the PCs. However, Keegan Thorian revived Baniss Keeg who inspired his allies to fight. Kyle Merritt and Sean each rushed at one of the Ysanna. XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 shot up the Ysanna that Sean was engaged with while Keegan Thorian used his Force Powers to assist Kyle Merritt.

The PCs eventually subdue the Ysanna but as they do, more exit the Great Jedi Library. As the PCs prepare for another attack, a Ysanna named Yano runs out of the forest and urges the PCs to follow him immediately.

The PCs agree and follow Yano to his village. He leads them to an underground prison of sorts where several of his tribe are imprisoned behind a very thick hard plastic. He explains that a stranger appeared recently seeking refuge in the Great Jedi Library. A few of his tribe began to follow the stranger and no one thought anything of it. However, a few weeks ago, some of his tribe went to the Great Jedi Library for maintenance and they were attacked by the Ysanna that had taken up with the stranger.

They realized too late that the stranger was under the influence of the Dark Side of the Force and that his influence was spreading to his tribe. He asks that the PCs remove the stranger so that they can attempt to remove the corruption. Yano recommends the PCs speak with either the council of elders or Pattrol the hunter who have knowledge of a hidden entrance to the Great Jedi Library.

The PCs choose to speak with the council of elders. Baniss Keeg begins the negotiations with the council, urging them that sharing their knowledge would be mutually beneficial for both parties. Keegan Thorian selflessly heals Sean which brought damage to himself to prove his devotion to the Light Side of the Force. Keegan Thorian points out one of the crowd that has fallen under the influence of the Dark Side of the Force.

They eventually convince the council of elders to share the location of the hidden entrance. The PCs head to an unmarked path and reach a part of the forest with a very well hidden entrance. Had the PCs not known exactly where it was, they would never have found it.

As they are about to enter, they are attacked by a pack of wolves. Sean draws the attention of two while XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 keeps shooting at one of the wolves until it dies. Baniss Keeg shoots at the wolves but takes care not to hit the allies while Kyle Merritt fends off another. Keegan Thorian continues to demonstrate his knowledge of the Force by stunning one of the wolves into submission.

With the wolves dealt with, the PCs enter the hidden entrance to the Great Jedi Library. They enter the Great Jedi Library through a maintenance hatch and proceed to an old administrative room. On the way, they pass rooms and rooms of books up to the ceiling. As they enter the administrative room, they find the stranger with his back to them. However, he soon turns around and instructs the Ysanna to attack as he thinks the PCs are from the Empire.

One of the Ysanna again uses a Force Slam to knock down Baniss Keeg, Keegan Thorian, and Sean while the other stuns Kyle Merritt. Sean meanwhile stands up and charges at Travgen and is assisted by XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415. Keegan Thorian revives Baniss Keeg who again inspires his allies to fight with renewed bravado. Keegan Thorian meanwhile uses his knowledge of the Force to subdue Travgen while Baniss Keeg shoots down the remaining Ysanna. Once he is unstunned, Kyle Merritt also charges at Travgen. Coupled with Sean and XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415, they manage to subdue Travgen.

The PCs tell Travgen that they are not from the Empire. They bind him and take his lightsaber. They return with him to the village and tell the Ysanna that Travgen will be leaving with them and they can begin to cleanse the corrupted Ysanna.

Episode III: Old Friends, New Enemies

The PCs awoke from the knockout gas in a small, windowless room. Shortly thereafter, Lou appeared on the monitor to notify them that they were to be sold to the Empire. Keegan Thorian used his knowledge of the Force to pull apart some floorboards and found a key. Jalek Cal’Don was able to use a splinter to eventually pick the lock of their makeshift cell.

The PCs then entered the room and found Lou along with several other droids preparing for the arrival of the Empire. They did not notice the PCs enter the room nor did they notice Keegan Thorian move a trunk across the room that contained their equipment. While this was happening one of the droids, XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415, turned his head and winked at the PCs.

The noise of the PCs rearming themselves drew the attention of Lou and the other droids who promptly attacked them. Sean and Kyle Merritt charged force with light sabers drawn at the droids. They were somewhat surprised when XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 turned his guns on the other droids. This drew the attention of Lou who then focused his efforts on the turncoat droid.

Meanwhile, Baniss Keeg inspired his companions to attack bravely by getting off a few shots of his own while Jalek Cal’Don sobered up long enough to pick apart some of the droids.

Once the droids had been reduced to scrap metal, Zalusha ushers the PCs out and grabs Lou’s head with her.

The PCs board a stolen Corellian smuggling ship that has been armed with guns. Not long after the PCs boarded the ship, a small squadron of TIE fighters appeared and engaged the PCs. The Jedi in the group were able to hit everything but the TIE fighters, but fortunately Jalek Cal’Don and XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 were able to get off enough shots to eliminate the Imperical threat. The ship would not have made it through were it not for the piloting skills of Baniss Keeg.

Once the PCs were safely away, Zalusha mentions that the location of the Bando Gora base is likely somewhere in Lou’s head. XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 and Baniss Keeg make several attempts to extract the information but realize encryption is beyond their knowledge.

Zalusha suggests they go visit an old friend of hers on Lianna. They arrive on Lianna and Zalusha sends someone to repair their ship. They make their way to the house of Xian McDath. He mentions that he could probably extract the information they need but that he is in a bit of trouble himself.

Xian has drawn some unwanted attention to himself and needs to access a computer at the secure wing of Sienar Technologies to remove the evidence. He cannot do it himself because he works there and that would only draw more attention to himself. The PCs agree to assist and Xian hands them a datapad, explaining that they simply need to plug it in to any terminal in the secure wing and it will take care of the rest.

The PCs then go to a uniform shop and barter for uniforms Bacdirath Cleaning, the company contracted to clean Sienar Technologies. Baniss Keeg convinces the clerk to sell him the uniforms at double the cost because they are playing a prank on a friend. Uniforms in hand, the PCs then head to Sienar Technologies. They convince the front desk guard that there was a buttsplosion in one of the restrooms and they’ve been called in to take care of it.

They head to an entrance to the secure wing only to find it requiring keypad access. Baniss Keeg tries to convince a guard to let him in anyway but that falls on deaf ears. After the guard leaves, he manages to crack the keypad anyway and sends XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415. Keegan Thorian uses the Force to sense his surroundings and relays to XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 where the motion sensors are.

XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 then heads into the secure wing and spots a patrol of guards. He successfully pretends to be a piece of equipment and is ignored by the guards. He then successfully connects the datapad to a terminal and attempts to leave. He spots another patrol of guards and again, successfully pretends to be a piece of equipment.

Upon returning to Xian McDath, he is overjoyed at the PCs success and mentions the wealth of information available in Lou’s head. After some bartering, Xian McDath agrees to hand over the information about the Jedi to Kyle Merritt and keeps the head for himself. In exchange, he agrees to slice anything the PCs need for free. He also supplies the PCs with necessary access codes to enter the Bando Gora base.

Zalusha tells the PCs that at this point, the High Priestess will know they are coming so a full frontal assault is the best option. She hurries off and says she will meet the PCs there.

The PCs then arrive at an asteroid in Ord Mantell space. Upon closer inspection, the PCs can see a giant base attached to a factory. Using the access codes, they enter the base and surprise a guard. Jalek Cal’Don extracts some information out of him and locks him in a closet. The PCs then hear several explosions coming from the factory and enter the throne room of the High Priestess.

She greets the PCs and sets her thralls to attack them. They immediately beeline for Sean and Kyle Merritt. Sean subdues the one on him while Jalek Cal’Don and XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 toss grenades to take care of the others. Keegan Thorian attempts to toss the High Priestess but she counters his use of the Force. He then tries to stun her but she counters that as well. Meanwhile, Baniss Keeg starts shooting at the thralls. Once they are down, he turns his attention to the High Priestess. Things looked bleak for the PCs until Kyle Merritt delivered a massive blow. Keegan Thorian then was successfully able to Force Stun her into submission.

She pleads for her life and Keegan Thorian agrees to spare her. She then immediately sets to attack him but is ended by Kyle Merritt. Zalusha comes running in and tells the PCs that its time to go. Jalek Cal’Don frees the guard from the closet he was locked in and the PCs board their ship just in time to see the entire asteroid explode.

Zalusha takes the PCs to Felucia to meet her employer, former Jedi Master Shaak-Ti. She explains that the High Priestess was a former apprentice of hers and that there is much work yet to be done.

Episode II: Rise of the Bando Gora

The PCs have been on Malastare since defeating the Bragadoon gang, searching for clues to the mysterious High Priestess. They awake one morning to find a mysterious note requesting a meeting at The Flying Dug.

They proceeded to The Flying Dug where they were accosted by a floozy called Zalusha, who is a Twi’lek woman, and very provocatively dressed. She proceeds to hit on (Chris R) and at one point, slips him a credit chit and asks him to reserve the back room.

Once they are alone, she reveals that she left the note and that she is working under cover in the Bando Gora cult. She is after the location of the High Priestess as well and suggests the PCs return with her to the Bando Gora base as potential recruits. The PCs agree, but first they needed to find a way off world.

Zalusha mentions that she has a ship waiting, the Quantum Crate, but that one of the PCs will need to file the requisite paperwork. Baniss Keeg agrees to pose as the fake owner of the ship, Ellios Tauo. He proceeds to the Imperial HQ. He receives the requisite paperwork from Juro Alak and fills it out with the information Zalusha provided.

Baniss is then ushered in to meet with a mid-level bureaucrat named Mallo Northic. Mallo explains that the Imperials are looking for a group of Jedi that are rumored to be on Malastare and are instructed to follow up any applications of groups of individuals that appear to be leaving in a hurry. Baniss was able to convice Mallo that they are not the adventurers they are looking for and leaves.

Baniss and Zalusha then meet up with the rest of the PCs at the hangar bay. As they are about to take off, a group of Stormtroopers arrive to do a quick inspection. Charles convinces the Stormtroopers that they aren’t adventurers of any kind and they leave. Afterwards, Baniss flies the group off Malastare.

Zalusha then instructs Baniss to fly the PCs to Tarnoonga. During the flight, Zalusha explains that the PCs will be tested to prove they are worthy to join the Bando Gora. As they approach the base on Tarnoonga, the ship becomes unresponsive and crashes into the ocean.

The PCs exit the ship and begin to swim toward the base. En route, they are attacked by a miridon. The miridon takes bites out of Jean-Paul and Kyle Merritt. Charles and Chris R. shoot the beast from a distance and eventually, defeat it.

The PCs eventually reach the mountain and climb up to a small cave. Zalusha fiddles with the wall and a panel slides away as the PCs enter the base. They see a hooded figure sitting around a bank of computers. Zalusha explains that she brought the PCs to be tested.

hooded figure then asks the PCs a series of questions about why they want to join and whether they are Imperials or a rival gang looking to move in to their territory. Apparently satisfied with their answers, the hooded figure opens a doorway on the left and instructs the PCs to enter and begin their challenge.

The PCs enter a room with a long hallway. Chris R. starts walking down the hallway but is met by turret fire after a few steps. The other PCs follow his footsteps and attempt to step where Chris R. did and was not shot at. Kyle attempts to jump over several of the panels. Jean-Paul and Chris R. eventually notice small drops of blood indicating where not to step, as well as faint footprints indicating a safe pass, allowing the PCs to reach the end of the room without drawing any further turret fire.

The PCs next enter a room with seven bottles of liquid sitting on a table, all in a row. There is a note card that reads:

Danger lies before you, while safety lies behind,
Two of us will help you, whichever you would find,
One among us seven will let you move ahead,
Another will transport the drinker back instead,
Two among our number hold only meir wine,
Three of us are killers, waiting hidden in line.
Choose, unless you wish to stay here forevermore,
To help you in your choice, we give you these clues four:

First, however slyly the poison tries to hide
You will always find some on meir wine’s left side;
Second, different are those who stand at either end,
But if you would move onward, neither is your friend;
Third, as you see clearly, all are different size,
Neither dwarf nor giant holds death in their insides;
Fourth, the second left and second on the right
Are twins once you taste them, though different at first sight.

Kyle Merritt and Charles attempt to decipher the riddle while Chris R. asks them to figure out which ones have wine in them. They eventually narrow down which opens the doors and hand over the wine to Chris R. who promptly begins drinking.

The last room contained two doors, one booby trapped and one not. Kyle Merritt used his knowledge of the Force to determine which door was safe to open. The next room revealed three doors and the room after that, four. Each time Kyle Merritt and Jean-Paul relied on their knowledge of the Force to determine the correct door.

Opening the last door puts the PCs back in the room with the hooded figure who congratulates them on surviving the first next. Next, he instructs the PCs to locate a datapad that was recently stolen from them. He says the criminals are at one of four bases and instructs the PCs to find the datapad, eliminate the criminals, and return the datapad to him.

At first glance, none of the caves appear to be in use. However, on closer inspection, one of the caves reveals a small panel that opens a door, revealing the pirates. There is a Quarren, some Rodian, and a couple of Togorians. The Quarren immediately singles out Chris R. to render him utterly defenseless. The Togorians then charge at Jean=Paul and Chris R. Charles and Kyle Merritt quickly eliminate the rodians and the Quarren. Eventually, the PCs defeat the pirates and recover the datapad, which is blank.

The PCs return to the hooded figure with the data pad. The hooded figure then instructs the PCs that for their final test, the Jedi must kill an unarmed prisoner in cold blood. Both Kyle Merritt and Jean-Paul refuse at which point the hooded figure triggers some knockout gas and reveals that he is a droid.

Episode I: New Beginnings

The PCs arrived on Malastare to witness the last podrace ever, Sebulba’s Legacy, as the Emperor has banned podracing. The PCs bet on the race and Kyle Merritt won on a bet of Sebulba.

After the race’s conclusion, the PCs witnessed the abduction of a Gran woman by a human and a group of Dugs. The PCs spoke to the woman’s husband, Angor Mas, and learned that he owed money to a criminal gang and that he was put in touch with the gang by one of his customers.

The PCs accompanied Angor back to his store, Now and Agran to find it ransacked. (Charles) was able to salvage the computer to retrieve the customer records and found that the name of the customer that put Angor in touch with the gang was William Bower.

The PCs visit the address listed on the receipt but find that he is not at home.

They then visit a local pub, The Flying Dug, where they bribe the bartender to put them in touch with a Dug that has also borrowed money from / worked with the organization, Batherma. Batherma mentions that he’s supplied them with people in need of loans from time to time and that they operate out of a club downtown called the Drek Annagram.

On their way to the Drek Annagram the PCs are attacked by the same human and dugs that kidnapped Angor’s wife. (Jean-Paul) Mind Tricked one to run away while it took (Chris R, Brian, and Charles) a while to learn to how to use their weapons. (Sean and Kyle Merritt) dealt with the human with a mace while (Chris R, Brian, and Charles) shot at the dugs.

Before the PCs could interrogate the gang, a group of Stormtroopers showed up to interrogate the PCs.

Once they escaped the Stormtroopers, the PCs continued on to the Drek Annagram. Once inside, they met a bartender, Ria Marfissa. After some not so kind words from the PCs, she tells them that the manager, Dar Nos is in the back.

The PCs interrogate Dar Nos with (Jean-Paul) threatening to drop a table on his head. Dar Nos eventually gives up the location of the warehouse.

The PCs arrive at the warehouse distract and attempt to sneak in but fail to disarm the alarm. They enter the main warehouse and find the leader of the gang, a Chiss named Malok Drun. The Chiss prevents the PCs from attacking him while his bodyguards take the blows that would be meant for him. (Jean-Paul) again makes one of the dugs flee while (Sean and Kyle Merritt) take on the bodyguards. (Brian) chases after the dug while (Charles) and (Chris R.) shoot at the bodyguards from afar.

After the battle has ended, (Charles) finds a note in one of the computers that refers to a higher criminal organization and someone called the High Priestess.

Inside the warehouse, the PCs find:


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