Kyle Merritt

A former Separatist jedi


Kyle Merritt CL 4
Medium Human scout 1/Jedi 3

Force 7 (6)
Init + 5; Senses Perception + 9
Languages Basic, Huttese

Defenses Ref 19 (16 flat-footed), Fort 16, Will 17; Block, Deflect
hp 49; Threshold 16
Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsaber + 6 (2d8 + 2)
Ranged blaster rifle + 6 (3d8 + 2)
Ranged blaster pistol, heavy + 6 (3d8 + 2)
Base Atk + 3; Grp + 6
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +7) Assured Strike, Battle Strike, Force Grip, Mind Trick, Move Object, Surge
Abilities Str 10, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 10
Special Qualities Bonus Trained Skill, Bonus Feat
Talents Block, Deflect, Evasion
Feats Force Sensitivity, Force Training, Shake it Off, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (pistols), Weapon Proficiency (rifles), Weapon Proficiency (simple)
Skills Endurance + 8, Knowledge (Bureaucracy) + 7, Perception + 9, Pilot + 10, Stealth + 10, Use the Force + 7
Possessions lightsaber, blaster rifle, heavy blaster pistol, miniaturized medical kit, aquata breather, all-temperature cloak

// Assured Strike (standard; one creature) • Lightsaber Form
DC 15: make a single attack rolling twice and keep the better result, – 5 damage
DC 20: as DC 15 but – 2 damage
DC 25: as DC 15 but – 1 damage
DC 30: as DC 15 but no penalty to damage
Spend a Force Point for three rolls, keeping the highest

// Battle Strike (swift; you)
DC 15: + 1 next attack made before end of next turn, gain + 1d6 damage
DC 20: as DC 15 but gain + 2d6 damage
DC 25: as DC 15 but gain + 3d6 damage
Spend a Force Point to deal an additional + 2d6 damage

// Force Grip (standard; one target within 12 squares) •Telekinetic
DC 15: + 7 vs. Fortitude, 2d6 damage and the target can only take 1 swift action on their next turn; half damage on a miss and target acts normally
DC 20: as DC 15 except 4d6 damage
DC 25: as DC 15 except 6d6 damage
Maintain as standard action, rerolling each round
Spend a Force Point to deal +2d6 damage

// Mind Trick (standard; one creature of intelligence 3 or higher within 12 squares and line of sight) •Mind-Affecting
+ 7 vs. Will to:
1. create an hallucination to use Stealth even if target is aware
2. perform a feint so that target loses Dexterity bonus to Reflex on your next attack against them
3. make an unpalatable suggestion
4. fill target with terror to flee at top speed 1 minute, stops fleeing if wounded, not if higher level
Spend a Force Point to improve attitude one step, + one step per every 5 points the check exceeds Will

// Move Object (standard; one character or object within 12 squares and line of sight) •Telekinetic

+ 7 vs Will if target resists, hurl or drop object vs. target’s Reflex, both take damage according to DC below
DC 15: Move up to medium object, 2d6 damage
DC 20: Move up to large object, 4d6 damage
DC 25: Move up to huge object, 6d6 damage
DC 30: Move up to gargantuan object, 8d6 damage
DC 35: Move up to colossal object, 10d6 damage
Moving or hovering target opposes Use the Force with a grapple check
Spend a Force Point to increase max size of object one category and +2d6 damage (max 12d6)
Spend a Destiny Point to increase max size three categories and +6d6 damage (max 16d6)

// Surge (free; you)
DC 10: + 10 Force bonus to Jump (+ 11), speed 8
DC 15: + 20 Force bonus to Jump (+ 21), speed 10
DC 20: + 30 Force bonus to Jump (+ 31), speed 12
Spend a Force Point to increase Jump bonus by + 10 and movement by + 2 squares
Using the surge power counts as a running start for determining a Jump DC
Spend a Destiny Point to gain + 4 squares of movement; when you do so, you may also use any and all movement for the round as a part of a jump (no Jump check required)


A tall human with unkempt brown hair and dark brown eyes. During the Clone Wars, Kyle was a member of the security bureau of Onderon within the Confederacy of Independent Systems, serving as an attache and security specialist for Senator Mina Bonteri. After the Senator’s murder, Kyle became disillusioned with the leadership of the CIS, although still believed in the ideals championed by his former mistress.

In the aftermath of Order 66 and the fall of the CIS to Republic Forces, Kyle worked to help those who still were under the Empire’s thumb, including the newly illegal Jedi. He received some training in the Force by a runaway Jedi he helped to escape Imperial Justice.

Kyle has lost faith in the Jedi way of life and thinks there are better answers out there for the future.

Kyle Merritt

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