Dark Times

Episode V: Friends in Low Places

Shaak-Ti revealed that she has had no word from her team on Coruscant and fears the worst. She suggested the PCs recruit a smuggler that can smuggle them onto Coruscant.

Kyle Merritt worked with Baniss Keeg to devise a plan that did not involve smugglers. They spoke at length and devised a plan involving intergalactic space peas but Shaak-Ti was quick to point out that Keegan Thorian was registered as “missing” and would not pass any Imperial inspection.

After more debate, the group concluded that recruiting a smuggler may be the only way to go. They travelled to Corellia, a known haven for smugglers. Despite that, there is a large Imperial presence on the planet.

The PCs first travel to a section of Corellia known as the Blue Sector. The Blue Sector is a rough section of town with many cantinas, tattoo parlors, casinos, and fences. They enter a cantina called Two Bits and speak with the bartender, Sel Drayk.

After bribing him, the PCs learn that there are two smugglers here that may be able to help. The PCs first strike up a conversation with Rok Mennu. He talks about how he smuggled an entire family off Malastair one time. Baniss Keeg asked where he smuggled them to but Rok Mennu didn’t really have an answer. He was also unable to answer why the family needed to be smuggled offworld in the first place leading the PCs to believe that he wasn’t really that great of a smuggler.

Next, the PCs chatted with Ballo Greenit. He too boasted of being the best smuggler on the planet. When GREG asked of his exploits, he mentioned that he once smuggled ship parts off Raxus Prime. When prodded about how many, he said somewhere between 4 and 10. He mentioned that the PCs would need to talk to some really crazy smugglers and that they hangout at a cantina called Mynock’s Haven in Treasure Ship Row.

Baniss Keeg bribes both smugglers to forget they were in there.

The PCs make their way to Treasure Ship Row and it makes the Blue Sector look like Cato Neimoidia. They pass an apartment complex called the Mynock Arms and enter Mynock’s Tavern where they approach the bartender, Mynock. He is skeptical of the PCs and suspects them to be Imperial agents, particularly Kyle Merritt. After Kyle Merritt points out that Imperials wouldn’t travel with this many aliens, Mynock allows the PCs to bribe him to point out the best smugglers in the joint.

Keegan Thorian and GREG are eager to approach Reenak Gursh as he is a fellow Ithorian. However, Reenak Gursh is very inebriated at this point and cannot carry on a conversation. He does manage to discuss a water slide park on Coruscant and is under the impression the PCs want to take him there.

The group next approaches Weeba Gosha. He inquires about the job and says that he can make it happen but that he needs four weeks to set up. Because the PCs need to be on Coruscant ASAP, the group declines.

The lastly approach Braaaaan. He is very interested in the position and appears to take detailed notes about the assignment. However, GREG notices that in fact he is texting with the Imperials and attempting to sell the PCs out.

Once this information is made known, GREG uses Move Object to throw the datapad across the room and a skirmish breaks out. GREG then uses Force Grip to render Braaaaan useless. Keegan Thorian uses Force Slam against a pair of armed Rodians. At this point, the rest of the bar empties as the patrons step over each other, eager to turn in the Jedi for the reward.

Seeing no reason to maintain his cover, Kyle Merritt pulls out his lightsaber and quickly dispatches the Gamorrean thugs. Baniss Keeg pulls a gun on Braaaaan and convinces him to surrender.

However, Jorj Car’das walks in and shoots Braaaaan dead. He instructs the PCs to meet him at his warehouse.

The PCs leave through a backdoor and are pursued by a group of stormtroopers. Kyle Merritt disappears in the crowd while Keegan Thorian throws his voice down a different alley to lead the stormtroopers down the wrong path. GREG pretends to be drunk and talks about water slides and Baniss Keeg blends in with the crowd.

The PCs arrive at Jorj Car’das‘s warehouse and after a brief conversation with the guards, are ushered inside. Jorj Car’das asks the PCs about what the need on Coruscant and reveals that he has no love for the Empire but going to Coruscant is very risky. Baniss Keeg convinces him to help but Jorj Car’das insists on being paid one million credits. After it is revealed that the PCs do not have that much coin, Kyle Merritt asks if there is anything the PCs can do in lieu of payment.

Jorj Car’das mentions that there is a mole in his organization and if the PCs can identify the mole, he will take them to Coruscant. He has narrowed the mole down to four suspects:

  • Wik Nitham, suspicious because he’s been caught a few times looking at shipment information
  • Dala Manci, suspicious because she’s missed a few shipments lately, several of which were hijacked
  • Jabrue Pik, suspicious because he’s been spotted talking with members of rival smuggling groups
  • Manala Forusha, suspicious because she’s been very jittery and nervous around her colleagues

Kyle Merritt and Baniss Keeg hatch a plan to announce that the organization will be smuggling the wanted Jedi offworld and send different locations to each of the suspects and observe which is hit.

The shipment that Dala Manci was given access to was stolen. However, when she opened the shipment, all she found was peas. The PCs followed her to her warehouse and snuck in the back entrance, surprising Dala Manci and her crew.

The PCs took advantage to fire off a few shots on the droids and Dala Manci. However, she and her Rodian bodyguards quickly laid down some autofire dispatching GREG and severely wounding Keegan Thorian. Baniss Keeg tends to GREG’s wounds while Kyle Merritt dispatches one of the droids and moves to the other Rodian bodyguard.

Having been revived, GREG Force Gripped Dala Manci while Keegan Thorian Force Gripped the other Rodian bodyguard. From there, they easily dispatch Dala Manci and her crew and opt to take her back to Jorj Car’das who agrees to smuggle the PCs to Coruscant.


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