Dark Times

Episode IV: Return to the Past

After having trained for several months on Felucia with Shaak-Ti, Kyle Merritt, Keegan Thorian, and Sean were summoned by the Jedi Master for their first mission under her tutelage.

She explained that the Jedi kept extensive records and that the Empire has been using those records to track which Jedi are alive and which are not. She gives the PCs a list of names that need to be marked as dead for their protection. While she wishes she could just corrupt the database, she does not want the Empire to know the records have been tampered with.

Baniss Keeg and XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 are summoned to assist the Jedi in training. Jalek Cal’Don was also summoned but was too hungover to help out.

Shaak-Ti instructs the PCs to travel to Ossus and modify the database housed at the Great Jedi Library.

The PCs arrive on Ossus and land in a clearing roughly 10 kilometers away from the Great Jedi Library. As they trek through the woods, several packs of wolves catch their scent and take up chase. Kyle Merritt used his Surge ability to outrun while Sean bounced from tree top to tree top.

They came to a ravine which Kyle Merritt and Sean easily jumped across. Keegan Thorian used his Force powers to move Baniss Keeg across.

After running some distance, the PCs began to tire out but XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 had a can of spare oil to lubricate his parts.

At last, the PCs arrived at a cliff. Again, Kyle Merritt and Sean had no trouble climbing up. Once on top, they used a rope to assist the others.

The PCs leave the forest and are prepared to enter the Great Jedi Library when they are suddenly ambushed by a group of Ysanna. The Ysanna immediately attack the PCs rendering Baniss Keeg unconscious with a mighty Force Slam. The others use other Force Powers to attempt to subdue the PCs. However, Keegan Thorian revived Baniss Keeg who inspired his allies to fight. Kyle Merritt and Sean each rushed at one of the Ysanna. XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 shot up the Ysanna that Sean was engaged with while Keegan Thorian used his Force Powers to assist Kyle Merritt.

The PCs eventually subdue the Ysanna but as they do, more exit the Great Jedi Library. As the PCs prepare for another attack, a Ysanna named Yano runs out of the forest and urges the PCs to follow him immediately.

The PCs agree and follow Yano to his village. He leads them to an underground prison of sorts where several of his tribe are imprisoned behind a very thick hard plastic. He explains that a stranger appeared recently seeking refuge in the Great Jedi Library. A few of his tribe began to follow the stranger and no one thought anything of it. However, a few weeks ago, some of his tribe went to the Great Jedi Library for maintenance and they were attacked by the Ysanna that had taken up with the stranger.

They realized too late that the stranger was under the influence of the Dark Side of the Force and that his influence was spreading to his tribe. He asks that the PCs remove the stranger so that they can attempt to remove the corruption. Yano recommends the PCs speak with either the council of elders or Pattrol the hunter who have knowledge of a hidden entrance to the Great Jedi Library.

The PCs choose to speak with the council of elders. Baniss Keeg begins the negotiations with the council, urging them that sharing their knowledge would be mutually beneficial for both parties. Keegan Thorian selflessly heals Sean which brought damage to himself to prove his devotion to the Light Side of the Force. Keegan Thorian points out one of the crowd that has fallen under the influence of the Dark Side of the Force.

They eventually convince the council of elders to share the location of the hidden entrance. The PCs head to an unmarked path and reach a part of the forest with a very well hidden entrance. Had the PCs not known exactly where it was, they would never have found it.

As they are about to enter, they are attacked by a pack of wolves. Sean draws the attention of two while XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 keeps shooting at one of the wolves until it dies. Baniss Keeg shoots at the wolves but takes care not to hit the allies while Kyle Merritt fends off another. Keegan Thorian continues to demonstrate his knowledge of the Force by stunning one of the wolves into submission.

With the wolves dealt with, the PCs enter the hidden entrance to the Great Jedi Library. They enter the Great Jedi Library through a maintenance hatch and proceed to an old administrative room. On the way, they pass rooms and rooms of books up to the ceiling. As they enter the administrative room, they find the stranger with his back to them. However, he soon turns around and instructs the Ysanna to attack as he thinks the PCs are from the Empire.

One of the Ysanna again uses a Force Slam to knock down Baniss Keeg, Keegan Thorian, and Sean while the other stuns Kyle Merritt. Sean meanwhile stands up and charges at Travgen and is assisted by XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415. Keegan Thorian revives Baniss Keeg who again inspires his allies to fight with renewed bravado. Keegan Thorian meanwhile uses his knowledge of the Force to subdue Travgen while Baniss Keeg shoots down the remaining Ysanna. Once he is unstunned, Kyle Merritt also charges at Travgen. Coupled with Sean and XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415, they manage to subdue Travgen.

The PCs tell Travgen that they are not from the Empire. They bind him and take his lightsaber. They return with him to the village and tell the Ysanna that Travgen will be leaving with them and they can begin to cleanse the corrupted Ysanna.


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