Dark Times

Episode III: Old Friends, New Enemies

The PCs awoke from the knockout gas in a small, windowless room. Shortly thereafter, Lou appeared on the monitor to notify them that they were to be sold to the Empire. Keegan Thorian used his knowledge of the Force to pull apart some floorboards and found a key. Jalek Cal’Don was able to use a splinter to eventually pick the lock of their makeshift cell.

The PCs then entered the room and found Lou along with several other droids preparing for the arrival of the Empire. They did not notice the PCs enter the room nor did they notice Keegan Thorian move a trunk across the room that contained their equipment. While this was happening one of the droids, XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415, turned his head and winked at the PCs.

The noise of the PCs rearming themselves drew the attention of Lou and the other droids who promptly attacked them. Sean and Kyle Merritt charged force with light sabers drawn at the droids. They were somewhat surprised when XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 turned his guns on the other droids. This drew the attention of Lou who then focused his efforts on the turncoat droid.

Meanwhile, Baniss Keeg inspired his companions to attack bravely by getting off a few shots of his own while Jalek Cal’Don sobered up long enough to pick apart some of the droids.

Once the droids had been reduced to scrap metal, Zalusha ushers the PCs out and grabs Lou’s head with her.

The PCs board a stolen Corellian smuggling ship that has been armed with guns. Not long after the PCs boarded the ship, a small squadron of TIE fighters appeared and engaged the PCs. The Jedi in the group were able to hit everything but the TIE fighters, but fortunately Jalek Cal’Don and XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 were able to get off enough shots to eliminate the Imperical threat. The ship would not have made it through were it not for the piloting skills of Baniss Keeg.

Once the PCs were safely away, Zalusha mentions that the location of the Bando Gora base is likely somewhere in Lou’s head. XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 and Baniss Keeg make several attempts to extract the information but realize encryption is beyond their knowledge.

Zalusha suggests they go visit an old friend of hers on Lianna. They arrive on Lianna and Zalusha sends someone to repair their ship. They make their way to the house of Xian McDath. He mentions that he could probably extract the information they need but that he is in a bit of trouble himself.

Xian has drawn some unwanted attention to himself and needs to access a computer at the secure wing of Sienar Technologies to remove the evidence. He cannot do it himself because he works there and that would only draw more attention to himself. The PCs agree to assist and Xian hands them a datapad, explaining that they simply need to plug it in to any terminal in the secure wing and it will take care of the rest.

The PCs then go to a uniform shop and barter for uniforms Bacdirath Cleaning, the company contracted to clean Sienar Technologies. Baniss Keeg convinces the clerk to sell him the uniforms at double the cost because they are playing a prank on a friend. Uniforms in hand, the PCs then head to Sienar Technologies. They convince the front desk guard that there was a buttsplosion in one of the restrooms and they’ve been called in to take care of it.

They head to an entrance to the secure wing only to find it requiring keypad access. Baniss Keeg tries to convince a guard to let him in anyway but that falls on deaf ears. After the guard leaves, he manages to crack the keypad anyway and sends XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415. Keegan Thorian uses the Force to sense his surroundings and relays to XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 where the motion sensors are.

XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 then heads into the secure wing and spots a patrol of guards. He successfully pretends to be a piece of equipment and is ignored by the guards. He then successfully connects the datapad to a terminal and attempts to leave. He spots another patrol of guards and again, successfully pretends to be a piece of equipment.

Upon returning to Xian McDath, he is overjoyed at the PCs success and mentions the wealth of information available in Lou’s head. After some bartering, Xian McDath agrees to hand over the information about the Jedi to Kyle Merritt and keeps the head for himself. In exchange, he agrees to slice anything the PCs need for free. He also supplies the PCs with necessary access codes to enter the Bando Gora base.

Zalusha tells the PCs that at this point, the High Priestess will know they are coming so a full frontal assault is the best option. She hurries off and says she will meet the PCs there.

The PCs then arrive at an asteroid in Ord Mantell space. Upon closer inspection, the PCs can see a giant base attached to a factory. Using the access codes, they enter the base and surprise a guard. Jalek Cal’Don extracts some information out of him and locks him in a closet. The PCs then hear several explosions coming from the factory and enter the throne room of the High Priestess.

She greets the PCs and sets her thralls to attack them. They immediately beeline for Sean and Kyle Merritt. Sean subdues the one on him while Jalek Cal’Don and XD-006 Mark 3 Build 1415 toss grenades to take care of the others. Keegan Thorian attempts to toss the High Priestess but she counters his use of the Force. He then tries to stun her but she counters that as well. Meanwhile, Baniss Keeg starts shooting at the thralls. Once they are down, he turns his attention to the High Priestess. Things looked bleak for the PCs until Kyle Merritt delivered a massive blow. Keegan Thorian then was successfully able to Force Stun her into submission.

She pleads for her life and Keegan Thorian agrees to spare her. She then immediately sets to attack him but is ended by Kyle Merritt. Zalusha comes running in and tells the PCs that its time to go. Jalek Cal’Don frees the guard from the closet he was locked in and the PCs board their ship just in time to see the entire asteroid explode.

Zalusha takes the PCs to Felucia to meet her employer, former Jedi Master Shaak-Ti. She explains that the High Priestess was a former apprentice of hers and that there is much work yet to be done.


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