Dark Times

Episode I: New Beginnings

The PCs arrived on Malastare to witness the last podrace ever, Sebulba’s Legacy, as the Emperor has banned podracing. The PCs bet on the race and Kyle Merritt won on a bet of Sebulba.

After the race’s conclusion, the PCs witnessed the abduction of a Gran woman by a human and a group of Dugs. The PCs spoke to the woman’s husband, Angor Mas, and learned that he owed money to a criminal gang and that he was put in touch with the gang by one of his customers.

The PCs accompanied Angor back to his store, Now and Agran to find it ransacked. (Charles) was able to salvage the computer to retrieve the customer records and found that the name of the customer that put Angor in touch with the gang was William Bower.

The PCs visit the address listed on the receipt but find that he is not at home.

They then visit a local pub, The Flying Dug, where they bribe the bartender to put them in touch with a Dug that has also borrowed money from / worked with the organization, Batherma. Batherma mentions that he’s supplied them with people in need of loans from time to time and that they operate out of a club downtown called the Drek Annagram.

On their way to the Drek Annagram the PCs are attacked by the same human and dugs that kidnapped Angor’s wife. (Jean-Paul) Mind Tricked one to run away while it took (Chris R, Brian, and Charles) a while to learn to how to use their weapons. (Sean and Kyle Merritt) dealt with the human with a mace while (Chris R, Brian, and Charles) shot at the dugs.

Before the PCs could interrogate the gang, a group of Stormtroopers showed up to interrogate the PCs.

Once they escaped the Stormtroopers, the PCs continued on to the Drek Annagram. Once inside, they met a bartender, Ria Marfissa. After some not so kind words from the PCs, she tells them that the manager, Dar Nos is in the back.

The PCs interrogate Dar Nos with (Jean-Paul) threatening to drop a table on his head. Dar Nos eventually gives up the location of the warehouse.

The PCs arrive at the warehouse distract and attempt to sneak in but fail to disarm the alarm. They enter the main warehouse and find the leader of the gang, a Chiss named Malok Drun. The Chiss prevents the PCs from attacking him while his bodyguards take the blows that would be meant for him. (Jean-Paul) again makes one of the dugs flee while (Sean and Kyle Merritt) take on the bodyguards. (Brian) chases after the dug while (Charles) and (Chris R.) shoot at the bodyguards from afar.

After the battle has ended, (Charles) finds a note in one of the computers that refers to a higher criminal organization and someone called the High Priestess.

Inside the warehouse, the PCs find:


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